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Catch your youth back with Dr. Vijay’s IAT (Intelligent Aging Treatment) - Only at Elixir Ayurveda

“In the eternal youth of nature, you may renew your own”

We cannot stop the aging process, we can only slow it down. For a healthier balance of body, mind, and soul, it is vital to repair and renew the body systems. Ayurveda, which is a way of life, recommends a variety of treatments and practices for mending the wear and tear that aging has done to the body.

Dr. Vijay has done extensive work in the field of anti-aging treatments and he has specially crafted an effective anti-aging program called IAT – Intelligent Aging Treatment. It follows the conventional wisdom of Ayurveda and consists of a series of therapies stretched out over 22 days. Elixir IAT, multiple Ayurveda therapies, a carefully formulated ayurvedic diet, yoga, and other practices are combined holistically to restore youthfulness.

The Intelligent Aging Treatment offers many valuable benefits including

  • Purification of the body
  • Toning and firming the skin
  • Revitalizing the 5 sense organs
  • Preventing various diseases
  • Relaxing and strengthening the mind
  • Boosting immunity
  • Youthfulness and positive energy

Ayurveda suggests many time-tested rasayanas to help bring back your youthfulness and add vitality to your body and a spring to your step. Elixir Ayurveda’s body revival treatments or RASAYANA CHIKITSA give a lot of positive energy to the body and the effects are evident in your bright skin and toned body.

The Elixir Revival package is a complete program that had a positive impact on the entire body and mind. This comprehensive package includes

  • Full body massage
  • Potali treatment
  • Shirodhara
  • Anti-ageing glow facial using customized products
  • Yogic meditation to relax the mind
  • Rasanyana sevya (internal)

Every one of our procedures and treatments has its origins in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. They have undergone meticulous curation to ensure their optimal long-term efficacy. As a result, it won't have any negative effects but you can enjoy many long-lasting advantages.

Over the years, the reason we have been the top choice for Anti-aging and Ayurvedic treatments is because of our excellent facility. We run a very effective and comfortable facility where you can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable stay. For the best results, it is crucial that your mind is at peace and your body is in the best environment to receive the treatment.

All of our treatments such as the IAT happen in our safe and clean premises. The procedures are performed by our experienced staff who are respectful and considerate of your particular needs.

We welcome you all to Elixir Ayurveda. Come and reclaim your youth. Slow down your aging process and add more life to your years!

Live a pain-free and stress-free life…

We wish that all your days are filled with happiness and good health.