How effective is Ayurveda?

Do I need all the Panchakarma treatments?

After the initial consultation the line of treatment is decided and the procedures to be performed are selected.Mostly people don’t need all the treatments.

Are any vaccinations necessary?

There are no obligatory vaccinations for India. Kerala is not known as an area for Malaria. From our experience, we are not aware of any case of malaria in our premises and environs.

Does ELIXIR Ayurveda & Wellness Centre Offer Airport Assistance To Guests?

We realize that airports can be tedious, tiring and at times intimidating. Airport assistance is offered as an optional service through a reputed global service provider, operating at the Thiruvananthapuram Airport at an additional charge. This assistance can be availed by guests, requesting the same while booking their retreat and sharing flight details well in advance.

What is ELIXIR Ayurveda & Wellness Centre?

ELIXIR Ayurveda & Wellness Centre is the Wellness center. Since last 20 years, ELIXIR Ayurveda & Wellness Centre has been serving the global community with its authentic practices and enhancing positivity. This has earned us a worldwide reputation for our effective special treatments

Who should come to ELIXIR Ayurveda & Wellness Centre?

Person who are looking to change or improve their life style should come to ELIXIR Ayurveda & Wellness Centre for our specialized rejuvenation & wellness package.

Patients who can devote time for improvement of the health and wants to gain benefits of the treatment practice for more than 20 years should come to ELIXIR Ayurveda & Wellness Centre.

Guests who wants to come only to enjoy the facility of the wellness center and who are not willing to go for any wellness and illness packages. ELIXIR Ayurveda & Wellness Centre is not the right place for these guests we do not provide any entertainment other than wellness and illness packages and diet plan as per doctor's recommendations.