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  • 24 Years Excellent Service in Europe, Middle East, and India, Dr. Vijay's Elixir Ayurveda - Experience One of the Best Ayurvedic Hospital and Wellness Centre in Kerala

  • 24 Years Excellent Service in Europe, Middle East, and India, Dr. Vijay's Elixir Ayurveda - Experience One of the Best Ayurvedic Hospital and Wellness Centre in Kerala

  • 24 Years Excellent Service in Europe, Middle East, and India, Dr. Vijay's Elixir Ayurveda - Experience One of the Best Ayurvedic Hospital and Wellness Centre in Kerala

Welcome to Elixir Ayurveda

Experience complete Ayurveda solutions with quality Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala in their traditional and purest form, along with the best results from our quality products sourced from Vaidhya Ratnam Ashtavaidyan Thaikkattumoos Pharmacy.

Elixir Ayurveda Hospital and Wellness Centre have successfully leveraged 24 years of traditional Kerala Ayurveda wisdom inherited which makes them the top and the best Ayurvedic treatment centre in Kerala, India. Treatments are done by following the ancient Ayurvedic texts and selecting top quality herbs in the traditional way to ensure the best quality and authenticity in Ayurvedic treatments


Dr. Vijayakumar  Managing Director

Dr. Vijayakumar S, our managing director, is an eminent, and one of the prominent Ayurvedic doctors from Kerala. Equipped with 23 years experience in pure ayurveda across various borders and countries such as Europe, Greece, Russia, The Middle East and India, he has been treating Several prominent figures across the world; Presidents, Vice Presidents, Members of Royal families, Bollywood stars, Ministers as well as Famous Athletes. Dr Vijayakumar has vast expertise in several treatments ranging from Multipile Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis, Gout, Psoriasis, Frozen shoulder to Infertility. 
His qualifications include; 
 First-class BAMS graduate from Govt. College, Kannur under Calicut University, Internship at Govt. Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. Resident Medical Officer at Triveni Nursing Home Trivandrum - 2 years. Ayurveda consultant and manager at Ashok Beach Resort, Kovalam. Directed the opening of the Ayurveda Centre at the Le Meridien, Kochi. Directed the opening of Ayurveda Centre at the Le Meridien, Kochi. Ayurveda Doctor at Ajman Kempinski Resort, Dubai - 1 year, Director of Kempinski Sanlawrenz Resort, Malta - 8 years, Regional Director for Softouch in association with Kempinski Resorts, Le Meridien Resorts. Grecotel Luxury Resorts in Malta, Spain and Greece respectively.  Greece Operations Director with Grecotel Luxury Resorts, at 5 Ayurvedic Centres in Athens, Kos, Crete, Kyllini etc. - 10 years. Managing Director of Elixir Ayurveda and Wellness Spa, Trivandrum, Kerala. - 10 years.  Opened Elixir outlet at St Petersburg, Russia. 

Dr Vijayakumar's passion and dedication in his work is evident once you consult with him. His professionalism and experience makes him one of the best Ayurveda Doctors in India. Dr. Vijay is currently managing Ayurveda Hospitals and Wellness Centres in Trivandrum and Kollam.


"Receiving Excellence Award from Finance Minister Sri KN Balagopal for 24 years Excellence in Ayurveda @ Europe, Middle East and India"


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Our team of Doctors analyze your health concerns and design personalized cure programs for you

Our team of highly qualified physicians at Elixir Ayurveda thoroughly examines your health issues to develop personalised treatment plans designed just for you. Our experts take the time to comprehend your unique wants and challenges since we understand that every person is unique. We strive to address the underlying causes of your health problems through our unique approach and offer efficient remedies to enhance your overall health. Trust our expert doctors to guide you on your road to optimal well-being and vitality.


Why Choose Elixir Ayurveda

Elixir Ayurveda enables true delivery of Ayurveda with personalised treatment for each individual at all touch-points. We are among the top and one of the best Ayurveda treatment centre in Kerala , India to have championed a protocol and data-driven diagnosis and treatment. Our scientific spirit is grounded in rational principles, ensuring personalised treatment for each patient, to help them regain “Swasthya” with the use of “Chikitsa” and lifestyle changes.

Successful Stories


I got very efficient treatments from Dr Vijay for my gynaecological issues . I was impressed with the excellent results from his magical hands and Ayurvedic medicines . I would recommend Dr Vijay’s Elixir to all for Kerala’s pure Ayurvedic treatments



I had worked with Dr Vijay at the Grecotel Olympia Riviera Thalasso in Greece from 2009 to 2017 in the reception and also a translator to Russian and German guests . During this time I had witnessed guests coming every year repeatedly to the resort only for Dr Vijay’s Ayurveda treatments . Such effective treatments they provide from India .

Valeria Chudinova


I have known Dr VIJAY since 2002 when he came to Malta to open the first authentic Ayurveda Centre in the Mediterranean. This Centre, which proved to be a huge success welcomed guests from all over Europe and other countries. Dr VIJAY’s dedication and professionalism, during his 10 years at the Kempinski Hotel and Spa in Malta, were the key factors which led him to open his own ayurvedic hospital and centres in Europe and India . The treatments undertaken were of tremendous relief to my daughter's back pain as well to my health condition in general. I definitely recommend Dr VIJAY's services both for once state of mind, beauty and wellness as well health related conditions.

Rose Marie Stagno Navarra

Director of Sales and Marketing
Kempinski San Lawrenz Resort and Spa (1999 To 2008)

Every Single Day
More Than 100 Patients

Patients speak with a Elixir doctor to understand the root-cause of their health problems and get personalised treatment delivered at their doorsteps. Here are the reasons behind the trust of millions across the world.

  • ELIXIR AYURVEDIC certified Ayurvedic doctors
    Years of
  • ELIXIR AYURVEDIC 1 million
    patients consulted

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Post Covid Ayurveda

Care for post covid patients. To prevent being victim of multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) including heart, lung, kidney, skin, gastrointestinal organs, brain functions and autoimmune conditions. Restores physiology as early as possible to reduce duration and further sufferings. The process enables an individual to prevent/ fight against the COVID situation effectively in future days. The process includes, Internal medication to relieving minor issues and re-establish vitality. Panchakarma interventions in case of multi systems involvement. Diet and lifestyle recommendations to promote healthy living which is key for individual immunity. Psychological support and counselling to overcome anxiety etc.

The treatment protocol of post covid syndromes has been divided into different segments. Each section of the treatment will focus on fortifying the inner strength and rejuvenating the immune system. By regularizing the detoxification, enhancing the blood circulation, blood purification and reenergizing the body cells, the individual becomes stronger to counter the ill effects of COVID-19. And to prevent any further health complications.

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Take advantage of our convenient Trivandrum International Airport pick-up and drop-off services, specially arranged upon your booking with us. Enjoy a seamless journey with our complimentary transportation, ensuring a stress-free arrival and departure experience during your stay..