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Lifestyle diseases are linked with the way people live their life. This is commonly caused by lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating as per our understanding. A healthy lifestyle must be adapted to combat the various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, live diseases, heart diseases, COPD etc. with a proper balanced diet and physical activity. Ayurveda analyze the body constitution and the existing health problems of the individual before suggesting a proper food and lifestyle advice. Every human is being a unique individual, full of idiosyncrasies and peculiarities. Ayurvedic principles of health and disease revolve around the concept of 3 doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are three active energy forces that govern the functions of our body and mind. Although every individual has the three doshas, each of us inherits them in differing proportions.

This accounts for our differences in appearance, preferences, aversions, behavioral patterns and emotional tendencies. On account of these differences, Ayurveda categorize human into 7 basic body types. The results of a lifestyle modification differ from person to person as per their body type. The basic knowledge of the body type helps one to determine the most auspicious lifestyle that will ensure health and longevity, appropriate foods, herbs, exercise regimes, medicines, therapies and even suitable professions. Ayurveda firmly believes that the health of a person depends on his or hers connection with nature. Ayurveda offers various methods to manage lifestyle disorders by following daily regimens, seasonal regimens, herbal medicines, Panchakarma (detox therapies) and or with help of Rasayana (Tonics).