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Post covid Rejuvenation Book Now

Long COVID refers to an extended experience of COVID-19 symptoms without recovery for several weeks or months after the start of their symptoms.

Symptoms range from headaches, reduced ability to smell or taste, fatigue, to respiratory system issues, sleep disorders, pain, cognitive & neurological impairment. As per Ayurveda, the extended post infection phase is the result of lower immunity & imbalanced bio-energies lodged in the tissue & waste systems. Hence the treatment protocol is to build immunity, nourish & revitalize all systems.

The programme at Ananda starts with comprehensive assessment of specific symptoms & system dysfunction. Treatment process is through Ayurvedic therapies, diet, herbal medicines and supplements, yoga, pranayama & meditation. Specific psychological aspects will be addressed by Yoga & Emotional Healing experts.

Our curated Exercise & Yoga routines are conducted live by experts for post-covid patients who have recently recovered.

The sessions are designed to avoid physical, mental, and respiratory distress. Backed by recent recommendations from latest research on post COVID – 19 recovery, this is conveniently & safely delivered online with an experienced Physiotherapist and Yoga Guru ensuring personal attention, motivation, proper guidance with regular monitoring of SpO2, HR and other parameters.

Min length of stay: 10 nights