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The environment we are living in with fast food & stressful life, we invariably end up our life for a short span. This is due to changes in lifestyle that allow various diseases. To prevent these lifestyle diseases Ayurveda always propagated about preventive aspects of diseases with the help of classical panchakarma – the 5 bio purification DETOX processes.

It’s good to plan periodical seasonal detox for better health. Detox is designed by distilling ancient teachings of Ayurveda; the answer to current spread of infectious diseases around the world, but these are a few signs one needs to plan a detox for better health.

A thick layer of coating on the tongue, Tired throughout the day, especially after meals, Difficulty in losing weight, Body aches and pains, Uncontrollable cravings, Bad smelling breath, odour and flatulence, Constipation or diarrhoea or other digestive issues

To counter the effects of modern living, Kerala offers exceptional Ayurvedic treatment packages that focus on holistic well-being. These packages combine traditional wisdom with modern techniques to address and prevent lifestyle diseases effectively.

Ayurveda classics provided multidimensional actions such as removing toxins from the body, helps in treating various disease conditions, better improvements in metabolism, nourishes the body and if taken in a proper way regularly, it helps to increase individual lifespan.

Our Kerala ayurvedic treatment packages include everything you need for your holistic treatment. They cover the cost of doctor‘s consultations, ayurveda, and naturopathy treatments as part of the treatment plan, ayurvedic or herbal medication, Ayurvedic full board meal, yoga, and meditation as well as accommodation. The therapies, medicines and diet will be finalized only after the consultation with our doctors' team.